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American Dance Alliance was established in 1995 by Susan Gordon, President of Algy Costumes and Designs, as an auxiliary summer camp. This was a one stop camp for band directors to bring their band and auxiliary teams to learn new choreography and leadership skills. After 5 successful years, Susan sold the company to Rosanna Karpiak, a Miami-native and well-respected dance teacher and role model in the Florida Dance Community. Karpiak re-invented the company to encompass all things dance. The company provided leadership intensives, dance camps and the component of a dance competition for dancers to showcase their talents.

In 2001, American Dance Alliance flourished and became a premier dance authority in Florida. It established camps in the Orlando area, Ft. Lauderdale, and Miami. The company staff of choreographers and teachers was exceptional and diverse. Regional and State dance competitions were the main event in cities from Melbourne to Miami, where dance teams could compete with the best of Florida. Teachers, coaches and directors brought their students from all over Florida to compete and experience camp with our professionals.

In 2015, ADA Family members Jimmy Arguello, Arianne Limongi, and Natalia Gonzalez took over the company. American Dance Alliance has now reached a new level of standards within the competition metropolis. Today, we pride ourselves in providing individualized attention, prestigious venues for competitions, innovative choreography from experienced professionals, safety and much more. That “more” is delivering the very best customer service, customer experience, and company culture. We aim to inspire and most of all, provide a place where our community dance teams can showcase their hard work and cultivate a love for the arts. 


Kelsie Marie Karpiak 
May 8, 1990 - July 4, 2014



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